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Couldn't find the right Lua function? Ask Screvle to develop it for you or purchase the source code and create your own functions.

 Screvle provides the following non-standard Lua API:



System related functions.


Schedule related functions.

settingsCreate/Read/Write Application Settings stored on the SD-card.

Modify GPIO values and configuration.

io, lfsFilesystem access.
timerSoftware timers.
ledControl backlight and RGB LED brightness.
mathMathematical functions.
bitBitwise operations for number manipulation.
logLogging messages to files.
extiExtended interrupt configuration.

Timeout API

buzzerBuzzer API
hwbuttonHardware Button

netCheck and modify network settings.
httpExecute HTTP Client requests.
jsonConvert JSON strings into Lua tables and vice-versa.
base64Encode/decode base64 strings.
mqttclientMQTT Pub/Sub client.
smtpSend emails.
TCP/IPTCP/IP Connection.
UDPUDP Connection.
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
MD5calculate the cryptographic hashfunctions
wifiWifi connection.



microGraphics Framework module to used create all the GUI widgets.

graphics2D Drawing functions for custom widgets.
WidgetGeneric widget. All other widgets are derived from Widget.
ButtonEnables user-actions via touchscreen or physical buttons.
LabelSingle line text field.
TextAreaMulti-line text field.
SliderSlider to enter or display a numeric value.
SwitchOn/Off switch.
ItemViewDisplays a list of Items
ItemSingle entry in an ItemView
ImageDisplays a TGA image stored on the SD-Card
PanelCollection of sub-widgets.
DialogDialog style Panel with title, border, and buttons.
ListEditorAllows picking a value from a list of values.
NumberEditorAllows entering a numeric value.
IPEditorAllows entering a IP address.
IconBarDisplay Icons on the screen.

PeripheralOpen, read from, write to, and configure various IO interfaces.
adcAnalog to Digital Converter
dacDigital to Analog Converter
uartUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (Serial Port)
i2cInter-Integrated Circuit Interface
spiSerial Peripheral Interface
canController Area Network Interface
pwmPulse-Width Modulation Output
counterCounter input
qeQuadrature Encoder


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