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Current version: 1.7.3


Upgrading Screvle Firmware

Make sure you have the latest Firmware version installed on your Screvle device. Read "Upgrading Screvle Firmware" for help.

Version 1.7.3

Release Date: 6 January 2016


New Features

Add GUI.LUA, ICONBAR.LUA, BUZZER.LUA, CLOCK.LUA and SPINNER.LUA demo applications with it's images.

Add DIALOG_MODE_NO_BUTTONS in the Dialog Widget.


Add support for pwm3 (channel 2).

Add support for Quadrature Encoders: QE3 and QE8.

Improve the math.tonumber( e, [,base] ) function, allowing it to convert floats, strings, integers.

Fixed Issues

Display the correct DHCP client status (enabled/disabled) on the startscreen.

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