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  • Using the Lua Development Environment
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  1. Upgrade Firmware Link
  2. Refresh Application List
  3. Add/Remove Application
  4. Save/Run/Download Application
  5. Name of application shown in editor
  6. Reset Lua Environment on run
  7. Settings Link
  8. Application List
  9. Application Editor
  10. Clear Console
  11. Console Status
  12. Reboot Screvle
  13. Console


Application Editor

The application editor is used to write Lua applications. Color-coding is provided to improve the user-experience.

Editing an application

Code Completion

Press CTRL+Space to show code-completion suggestions.

Saving the application

The application can be saved by pressing the Save button or by using the CTRL+S keyboard shortcut.

Downloading an application

The currently open application can be downloaded by pressing the Download button.

Running an application

The currently open application can be executed by pressing the Run button.

Reset Lua Environment on Run

Depending on the status of the "Reset Lua Environment on Run" switch, either of the following happens when running a Lua application.

OnThe Lua environment is reset before running the application.
OffThe Lua environment is not reset before running the application.


When the Reset Lua Environment on Run switch is on (default behavior), the whole context of the Lua environment is cleared before running the application. This means no data from previously ran applications is accessible.

When the Reset Lua Environment on Run switch if off, the existing Lua environment is used to execute the application. This means data from previously ran application is accessible.


The console of the Lua Development Environment provides valuable feedback for the developer.

Error Feedback

When running an application, errors in the Lua script are described.

Debug Output

Using the print function you can output text in the console.

Clearing the console

Content of the console can be cleared by pressing the "Clear Console Output" button:

Console Status

The Lua Development Environment needs to be connected to the Screvle device in order to receive data to show in the console. The Console Status indicator shows whether or not the console is ready to receive data.

OKThe console is receiving information from Screvle.
ErrorThe console has lost connection with Screvle.

When the console is not connected, no information can be received. The Lua Development Environment will automatically try to reconnect to Screvle.

Rebooting Screvle

Screvle can be rebooted remotely by pressing the reboot button.

Firmware Upgrade

See Upgrading Screvle Firmware

Settings Editor


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