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Each GUI element in the microGraphics Framework is based on the generic Widget.


widthNumberWidth of the widget in pixels.Read only
heightNumberHeight of the widget in pixels.Read only
themeThemeThe color theme used by the widget.Read/Write
actionListenerFunctionThe action listener functionWrite only
inputFunctionThe low level input functionRead/Write
paintFunctionThe paint function.Write only
setSelectedFunctionThe setSelected function.Write only


FunctionReturn ValuesDescriptionNotes
:setSelected( Boolean )BooleanSets the selected state of a widget.Effect depends on the widget type
:setDirty()noneMarks a widget as dirty; it will be redrawn by mgf. 

:setSelected( Boolean )

Selects on unselects the widget. Returns true if the action was successful. If false is returned this means the widget cannot be (un)selected.


Marks a widget as dirty. Dirty widgets are redrawn by the microGraphics Framework when a repaint is schedules via mgf.repaint().

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