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The ID of a setting consists of a "Parent Tree" and "Name". The part behind the last dot (".") is the "Name", the part before the last dot is the "Parent Tree". Example:

Parent Treenetwork.ip 

The content of a settings is stored in a file called "Name.jsn". The Parent Tree is converted into a directory tree and prepended with the root directory of all setting files "settings/"


By default all settings are rendered as a single line text input field. Some types however have a customized representation:

booleanDisplayed as a checkbox 
selectionDisplayed as a dropdown box 
nilDisplayed as just a (sub-)topic 
<everything else>Displayed as a text field 

The selection type displays a dropdown box with all of its children as options. These children must have type nil. If any of these children has children of its own then those are only displayed when the selection parent has that child selected.